My Imagination. A sonnet

My Imagination.
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A rainbow world created inside my head

Sparkleing and glistening each morning

this world where no one will be named Fred

I never have to think about leaving

happiness is frolicking through the air

no more problems, worries have disappeared

my imagination has not a care

a planet like this should never be feared

 Fairies delightfully dance with pleasure

nobody cries, you never want to die

on the cool shore you can hunt for treasure

stop by the bakery you can get a pie

my friends are always welcome in the place

this world is huge, but takes up little space


My blog audit!

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During the time of the challenge I…

  • Posted 9 posts since the march challenge. 6 for the challenge, 2 for school (the poems), and 1 just for fun.
  • I got 5 comments over all
  • I didn’t really enjoy writing one post over another. They were all fun!
  • I didn’t change themes. I looked at all of the themes a couple of times but I like my current theme the best.
  • I have 6 widgets. I think that is the perfect amount!
  • I have 1 overseas blogger on my blogroll…

I asked my sister (Laurel) what she thought of my blog…

Me   Laurel

So… What do think of my blog?

I love all of the polka – dots! And the picture of the Parthenon.

Okay what captured your attention?

All of the pictures like the Parthenon, and the smiley faces, and the puppies.

What distracted you on my blog?

All of the widgets especially the map thingy. 

What could I do to improve my blog?

And more color it is all kind of… Bland.

That was most of our conversation… So goodbye fellow bloggers!!!! Have a nice rest of the year!!!  😀


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Hi! For this weeks post we were asked to write about traveling. Anything that has to do with traveling. I thought that I would start with where I would like to travel. I like Historical places. Any thing with some cool history to see. The first place that I would like to see is Ancient Greece. I would like to see this place because it has so much history that you can see from your very own eyes. Like the Parthenon. Once upon a time it was the center of the city. And behind the history that you can see, there was another religion there, and in Ancient Greece that is where democracy started. It would be the first place I would visit if I had to choose.


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The next place that I would visit would be France. The reason why is because I dance Ballet, and if you don’t know all of the ballet moves are in french. Even though Ballet was invented in Italian Prince But then later spread through France. This was during the italian renaissance way before tutus, pointe shoes. At this time mostly men danced woman hardly danced at all, and if they did they were mainly in the background NOT the spotlight. I will stop my self there because I can go on and on about the history of ballet.

Sometimes people will ask me will you ever live in another country or place. And I thought I would but this in this post because it is about traveling. The answer is no, I wouldnt. I really like Oregon USA. It is a nice place. All though it often rains a lot and I mean A LOT! I just couldn’t think of a better place to live. There are some up and downs in Oregon but it just adds personality. These are all of my thoughts on traveling in a nutshell. BYE!


Hi! Welcome back to my blog!!! This week we are going to be talking about ANIMALS! When the word animals come to my mind I instantly think of my dog Kona! Kona is a cocker spaniel. she is super cute and fluffy! We got her in 2010 and it is kind of hard to describe her so here is a picture my Dad took in 2011 when Kona was 2 (I think?) and I was 9. We were camping at the time. Yeah She hasn’t really changed much since then… Except of her personality!


When My family first got Kona (I’m going to be honest here…) she was an adorable, cute and kind of stupid puppy like normal. The first night we brought her home she slept on my Moms shoes (SOOO CUTE!). Soon after we got her some tennis balls. It was and still is her favorite toy. Any way we got her tennis balls and she liked them so much that she tried for about an hour to fit 2 tennis balls in her mouth before giving up and falling asleep.

Her personality is very unique. (in opinion…) She often will act like a cat… And by that I mean sleeping on the back of the couch, rubbing on your legs to itch her back, jumping on your lap and waits for you to pet her, ect. One of her favorite things is the hose… If you spray the hose then she goes over to it and tries to “drink” the water. It is highly entertaining. That is just a little bit about my dog Kona.


Friendship poem

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Hi! This is a poem that me Jayna, Jazzy, and Erica wrote together. When or if we perform the poem we would say different things. I have a color key for who would say what.

Me/Gwen          Erica          Jayna          Jazzy          All

Friendship is a cupcake, with sprinkles piled high.

Friendship is a gummy bear, dipped in chocolate.

Friendship is a jar of nutella, with a giant spoon.

Friendship is sugar filled, with a cherry on top.

Friendship is something so sweet it can not be described by 1,000 sugary treats, and it can’t be replaced.

Not by anyone.

Or anything.

When you are torn down…

Friends will always be there to build you back up again.

Friendship is a wall, that can’t be broken down.

Your friends are the ones that never leave you

They are the ones that you can rely on when you need them most

That always back you up, no matter what

They are the ones that will make you laugh

Friends are the ones that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better.

They are the ones that don’t forget embarrassing moments

They are the ones that don’t let you forget those moments that touched you

Friends won’t forget about you

They are the ones that are always with you even when you really want to punch them in the face.

When you are torn apart, true friends are the ones that put you back to together.

Friends will spread a joyous smile across your face when you are feeling down

No matter where you are and who is around you

They are your family away from home.  

So no matter what…

Friends are the people who always rely on you, and you always rely on them.

Wherever we are, friends are the ones that make our worlds.

Whenever we need them, we can find them right be our sides.

Whoever is putting you down, friends will be there to pull you back up.

Whatever will break you, they will fix you.

Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.




The Blogging Game!

Hi! Welcome back to my blog! Now I’m pretty sure that you already know about this game but if you don’t let me explain it to you. First you go to someones blog, it could be a random stranger or a close friend. Then on the persons blog you go over to there blogroll and choose a person from their blog roll. Now that you have seen your 2nd blog go over to the blogroll and choose a person. On the 3rd persons blog you read a couple of blog posts and comment on one. Now you do that process 2 more times.

     I did this and I went to theses blogs…

Sarah’s blog!

Amelia’s blog!

 Mackenzie’s Blog!


My favorite things are friends, cupcakes and ballet! First let me talk about My friends. My best friends are (in real life) Jayna, Jazzy, Erica, Hannah, Abbie, and Karli. I have some friends (again, I know them in real life) I have that are not my besties are Rosa, Logan, Keyan, Paige, Dani, Breaden and Joey. Friends are one of the most important things in life for me. With out my friends I do not what I would do. What would you do with out your friends? I fact I know that Jazzy did a post about friends and I could not have described my friends better than that post. go check it out in the link above.  😀

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     Now cupcakes are one of my favorite things. Anything from baking them to eating them to making cupcake crafts. I love it! I don’t really have a reason for loving cupcakes. And if have never heard or seen a cupcake I will describe a cupcake for you now. A cupcake is a tiny round cake that is a little smaller than my palm and about 2 inches high. The cake is baked in a wrapper that can be all different patterns but is most commonly plain white. Now the actual cake can be all different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, carrot, lemon, cookies and cream etc.. On top of the cake is a layer of frosting or icing. Frosting is fluffy, sweet cream or paste or glaze that is made with confectioner’s sugar (or Powdered sugar as it is most commonly known as) butter, milk and different flavorings. Depending on the flavoring the frosting (or Icing) that is what the flavor will be. Most frosting (or icing) flavors are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, carrot, lemon, cookies and cream etc.. The Frosting (or Icing what ever you call it) is either piped out of a piping bag or spread on the cake with a spatula. Finally You can decorate your cupcake with sprinkles, fondant (fondant is edible dough that is made out of sugar, shorting and gelatin. You can roll out the fondant and cut it into cute little shapes such as the picture shown), syrup, cherries etc.. And that is a cupcake!

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     Ballet is awesome! I have been dancing ballet since I was 4 years old and now I am 12 (almost 13). I dance about 10 hours a week. My favorite part is the costumes. If I ever quit ballet I would most likely go into the costume department and make/fix costumes. My favorite ballet to watch and dance in is The Nutcracker. I don’t want to explain the plot/ story of The Nutcracker to you so instead click HERE to go to American Ballet Theater. American Ballet Theater is one of the best ballet companies in North America. Anyway my favorite scene in the ballet is The Waltz of the Snowflakes. All of the dancers dance and make formations that are made to look like a snowflake or a snow storm. And most of the time in the ballets there is fake snow falling. A good example of this dance is THIS ONE, it is the Royal Ballets version of The Waltz of the Snowflakes. Each ballet company has a different version that is there own.

      Alright these are 3 of my favorite things. If you were to do this post what are the 3 things that you would write about? Bye!

My Nation Holiday


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If I were to create a national holiday it would be national happiness day. I would create this holiday because some people just need to sit down and think how great life is. I’m a very optimistic person and I’m hardly ever down. But my friends are different. about half of my friends are like me and the other half get “depressed” more easily. So for my pessimistic friends I would like to have a holiday to celebrate life, family, and friends.

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